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        This product is white crystalline powder with melting point 256 , soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, ethyl ether, trichloromethane. It is an essential amino acid of which physiological effect double than that of D乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址. Minimum intake dose of 乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址 is about 0.5g/d. People will have a bad appetite and take risks in obtaining fatty liver disease when lacking it. The product was stored in polythene blown films covered by polyethylene woven bags closely. The main raw materials to produce 乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址 are glucosesyrup and yeast extract. And by microbial fermentation and then membrane filtration, concentration, crystallization, drying, etc the food-grade 乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址 was produced

      Executive Standards

    Food Chemicals Codex (Fccv)


        Food additive 乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址 is mainly used for pharmacy, chemical reagents, food supplements, feed additives. Cereal proteins call for L-lysine to be complemented and 乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址 is followed due to a difficult hydrolysis of proteins and thus nondigestible, though containing rich L-threonine bonded with peptides. In food industry, 乐天堂网址登录_乐天堂fun88app_乐天堂备用网址 can be used as nutritional supplements added to food to improve the nutritional value of protein and make nutrients in food more plentiful and reasonable. Threonine and glucose under heating are easy to produce empyreumatique and chocolate flavor,  attaching more incense in food processing. And it also plays part in preparation of amino acid infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparations.