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        This product is brown powder or granule, no lumps and deliquescence, no peculiar smell except fermentation odor. The packaging has two layers—inner polyethylene blown film and outer yellow kraft paper. It is a neutral protease preparation refined by filtering residues, concentrating purifying, etc, based on starch (or sugar) as raw material. As an endonuclease, it can hydrolyze a variety of protein.

    Executive Standards
    enzyme activity
    GB 23527-2009


        The product is protease preparation, a metabolite of B. subtilis and would be hydrolyzed into amino acids and peptides under certain conditions. The product is widely used in leather depilation and softening, silk degumming, film recovery of silver, protein hydrolyzates making, protein removal, brewing, pharmaceutical reagents and other industries. Depilation and softening in leather industry calls for large demand for protease for time saving and labor sanitation improving specially. Protease is used for silk degumming as well.